Who Is Amber Boyd?

Who Is The Person Behind AmbersIMSecrets.com?

Hey, I'm Amber Boyd!

I am a 23 year old, full-time internet marketer. Some people never get to that point in their internet marketing career because they either quit or never reached their fullest potential. Now, everything hasn't been all cakes and pies. I went through the process of struggling t figure out what works and what doesn't just like every other successful marketers. I have bought the 'push button instant millionaire' softwares, the $47 membership training courses, and all of the e-books in the world and guess what... None of it worked for me. I decided to really think about what would actually work instead of listening to everyone else. And guess what... My formula works! I put together this website to inform struggling internet marketers of what I'm doing so you can copy and hopefully copy my success. Sounds simple enough? Now, the website is work in progress just like my life so if I were you, I would keep checking back!

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