How to Make The Most Money in 2015

Note: Must Be 18 Years or Older to Participate - U.S & Canada Residents Only

Step 1

  1. Click Here to Register for Superior Freebies
  2. Choose Your 'Gift'. (Note: You will be paid $54 instead of $40. You will be paid a $14 bonus each time.)
  3. Enter your email and click next.
  4. Complete the registration process.
  5. Click view offers to  choose which offers you want to complete to get your 1  credit. Think of 1 credit  as 1 dollar and the offers are change.
  6. I personally completed: Pimsleur Language 30-Day Trial (.60 credits), RealPlayer Cloud - Premium (.30 credits), Draft Kings - Fantasy Sports (.10 credits).
  7. You are not required to keep the trials or continue the membership. Wait until the end of the trial to cancel.
  8. You will be credited within the hour.

Step 2:

  1. Click here to Register for YRoo
  2. Start racking up your points and aim for the $318 payout!

Step 3:

Email 20kinstructions[at] to get the same blueprint that my up-line created to earn and used to earn  $20,000 (USD) in one month.

Include: Proof that you competed your registration with YRoo and received your 1 credit with Superior Freebies. You will only receive the 20k instructions if you use the links from above.

You will receive a reply within 24 hours.