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How to Get Started with Superior Freebies

  • Press the Get Started Now Button Above
  • Choose Your Cash Prize ($40 Paypal Recommended - You Will Get $14 Bonus)
  • Register for Superior Freebies
  • Click Offers and Complete a Couple Offers That Totals 1 Credit (Think of It As Money & 1 Credit = 1 Dollar)
  • When Your Requirements Turn Green, Email for Your Blueprint to Your Success

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How Do I Get Started?

    A.Click the ‘Get Started Now’  button above. Pick your payment preference. You can change it later if you want to make changes. Complete a couple offers to get your 1 credit. I recommend that you tackle ones that will give you the most credits first. Once you get your 1 credit, email 20kinstructions for the blueprint to success.

  • Q.Why Do I Have to Complete Offers to Get My Credit?

    A.To be honest, that’s the way it’s done. Everyone has to complete them.

  • Q.Do I Have to Keep the Trials?

    A.Absolutely not. Keep track of how long they are (ex. 7 days or 30 days) and then cancel it right before.

  • Q.How Often Do I Get Paid?

    A.You can get paid as soon as one of your referrals complete their 1 credit. All you have to do is press ‘Order’. If you have chosen the Paypal option then you will get paid within 8 hours.

  • Q.How Does Crediting Work?

    A.a value is assigned to each offer. Once an offer credits, the value assigned to that offer goes towards your credits earned. Your goal is to complete enough offers on the site to meet the offer requirements. For example; on our main site Superior Freebies, say you first completed an offer worth .40 credit. Now you have .60 credit needed in order to meet the offer requirements so you could complete two more offers worth .30 each: .40 + .30 + .30 = 1 full credit/the offer requirements on that site.

  • Q.How Does It Work?

    A.Earning free gifts and prizes on the Internet with Superior Freebies has never been easier! There are four very simple steps to getting started today. Step 1. Sign up on our website Step 2. Complete your offer requirements. Step 3. Refer others and have them complete their offer requirements. Step 4. Submit your order and collect your prize! Then, repeat. There is NO LIMIT! How simple is that? It’s fun, easy, and it works!

  • Q.Who Can Participate ?

    A.Anyone at least 18 years old from the United States or Canada can participate on our sites.

  • Q.Is This Company and Business Legitimate?

    A.Yes, Superior Freebies has been in business since May of 2010 and we are a registered LLC or limited liability corporation. More information about us and our business can be found on our About Us page. Also, feel free to check out our Testimonial page and our Facebook page for recent proof pictures submitted by some of our satisfied members!

  • Q.What Does it Cost to Sign Up?

    A.Signing up on our site is completely free and always will be. Upon registering for an advertisers’ offer, you may incur a fee or charge from them for their service. We highly recommend that you carefully review their terms for any associated service costs before registering with them.

  • Q.Why Do I Need a Credit Card or Debit Card?

    A.Although it is free to sign up and participate on our network, the majority of the advertisers require a credit or debit card when signing up for their offer. We never ask for your credit card information nor is it provided to us or shared in any way. Please read our Privacy Policy for the full details.

  • Q.Can I Use a Prepaid Card?

    A.Prepaid cards, gift cards, and virtual cards are strictly forbidden to be used on any offer promoted at Superior Freebies and it is considered fraud to do so.

  • Q.How Can Superior Freebies Afford to Give Away Free Gifts and Prizes?

    A.We receive commissions each time an advertisers offer is successfully completed. Part of these commissions are used to pay for gifts and prizes awarded to our members.

  • Q.Can I Sign Up From a Shared or Public Computer/Internet Connection?

    A.No, you need to sign up and participate from your own computer and internet connection. Using a public or shared connection can result in multiple members using the same connection and you will run the risk of disqualification since someone may have already joined our site using that connection.

  • Q.Can I Sign Up More Than Once?

    A.No, we only allow one account per person, per household, and per internet connection per our Terms of Service. You can, however, participate on all of sites provided you use the same email address across our network of sites.

  • Q.How Long Does It Take to Receive Credit For an Offer?

    A.Most offers credit instantly after the offer requirements have been met. The crediting time for each offer is specified on the offers page. Sometimes, even the instant crediting offers can take a few hours to credit.