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  • Affordable Membership Plans
  • Up to 60% Off Medical, Vision, Hearing & Dental Expenses
  • Unlimited Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Lucrative Business Opportunity
  • No Membership Contracts
  • Coverage Across United States (except North Dakota) & Canada
  • Travel Discounts
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motor club of america

Motor Club of America is an emergency roadside assistance company that offers special memberships. Memberships include roadside assistance, travel discounts, legal assistance and health discounts.

In 1926, the 'Green Brothers' of New Jersey founded the Motor Club because of the widespread of popularity in automobiles. They knew that commuters needed roadside support in case of an emergency. In 1933, the Automobile Association of New Jersey was incorporated and various affiliations across other states were created.

In 1958, the name of the company was changed to Motor Club of America (MCA). In 1987, the company merged with TVC Marketing Incorporated and expanded it's services to it's members. In October of 2011, a new MCA program was launched.

TVC Marketing's headquarters are located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. There are over 9 million members in the United States & Canada. There are over 250 trained customer service representatives that are available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

Motor Club of America offers 7 affordable plans and amazing perks to go with them. Benefit packages include up to 60%off  health cost for prescriptions, dental, medical, and hearing. Of course they include emergency roadside assistance with unlimited towing, lock-out service, fuel delivery, and more.

Memberships include bail bonds, arrest bonds, credit card protection, stolen vehicle reward, daily hospital benefit, and access to travel assistance program. Our memberships pricing range from $9.95 per month to $39.95 per month. Members are never required to sign a contract and may deactivate their membership at anytime.

In 2011, MCA opened it's doors to entrepreneurial minded individuals who wanted to join forces and earn a full time or part time income. MCA sales associates are paid an advanced commission on the membership packages that they sell during 6 day period. If an associate sells the Total Security package or higher then they will receive an $80 commission for their efforts, as well as a weekly bonus (depending on the quantity sold during the weekly period.)

Associates are also compensated a $6 bonus for each membership that their team member sells and a $1.32 for their down line. It is highly recommended that individuals sign-up with a sponsor/mentor when becoming an associate. Sponsors can assist you on getting started and any other difficulties you may have when starting your business.

Meet Your Future Sponsor

Sponsor Name: Amber Boyd
ID#: 12398179

Dear Future Motor Club of America Family Member,

My name is Amber Boyd. I have been an authorized agent with Motor Club of America since 2013.  MCA really values their associates and members.  I don't have any complaints. I have had the best experience using my membership on multiple occasions throughout the years. If you are only looking for the benefits, you may click the 'Join Today' button above to get started.   As an associate, I know I look young but it's because I actually am. I'm 25 years old. I may be young but it has been a long home-based business journey for me. I have tried, I have failed - but most importantly I won & I am still winning til this day. The reason I'm winning is because I refused to give up. I've seen both sides of the spectrum. Where I come from, people expected me to fail but I used that as motivation to keep going. I went from not making money at all to making a living from home and getting paid every week with MCA. When you join my team, you won't have to go through the failure part because you will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

When You Join With Me As An Independent Contractor, You Will Receive:

Reasons to Join My MCA Team

  • My Team Members Make Money Too! (See Video to the Left)
  • I Provide My Training to New Team Members
  • Receive a Free Website
  • Access to a Sponsor Who's Has Earned Weekly Paychecks Since 2013

Get to Know Amber Boyd

What's the Deal With MCA? -  Is It Real Or Not?

Seeing how I've been with the company 3 years, I think I have the best opinion on if this opportunity is the real deal or not. I'm sure you have seen mixed reviews and I'll be the first to tell you that majority of the 'bad' reviews are from people who have never been with the company.

The other day, I received an email from an individual who was interested in becoming an independent contractor for Motor Club of America. They told me that they thought it was a  scam and also inquired about more information. Before I gave them more information, I asked why would they think this opportunity wasn't legitimate. Their exact response was, "I just [think] y'all playin..."

I simply responded and told the person that, that wasn't a valid reason of accusing MCA of being a scam. Do you see how easy it has been for people to falsely accuse MCA of anything other than being a great company? People who claim that they know this isn't a real opportunity are going off their own opinions without facts to back it up.

This has been going on for years! This has been an on going battle between actual contractors and individuals who haven't bothered to research.

Also, there are people on the internet with blogs/websites that make these claims as well. However, if you pay close enough attention, they are promoting something else. Marketers do this to gain traffic from other opportunities and redirect it to their own opportunity.

I am here to let you know that MCA has paid me on time, every time for 3 years. They have paid me for my earnings as well as my teams (bonus) earnings.

Trust me, I would not attach my name and face to something that was not legit and ethical.

Now, I will admit that their are MCA contractors who do not have their teams best interest. I will say that. I have countless emails from other independent contractors who needed help in their business because their 'sponsor' abandoned them.

I think it's because they don't know how to train them properly. I've been a full time internet marketer for 7 years now so I have the knowledge to train my team members. I can't speak for everyone else.


JOIN MY TEAMReceive my Exclusive Training Within 24 Hours

You will need the following information to join PROPERLY:

Sponsor Name: Amber Boyd
Referral Code: amberboyd
ID#: 12398179
Phone Number: 323-413-7269


Perks of Your MCA Membership

  • Unlimited Emergency Towing
  • Battery Boost
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Tire Change
  • Lock Out Service
  • Arrest Bond
  • Bail Bond
  • Up to $2000 For Attorney Fees
  • Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • Credit Card Protection
  • Free Discount Card for Medical, Dental, & Vision Care
  • Emergency Room Reimbursements
  • Daily Hospital Benefit
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Travel Assistance Program (Total Security Plan)


How Can I Make Money With MCA?

When you become an associate with Motor Club of America, you get paid an advanced commission for every membership you sell. For the basic MCA Security Plan ($9.95 per month), you will be paid $40.00 in advance. For any MCA Total Security Plan or higher (Gold + Platinum), you will be paid $80.00.

You are also paid weekly bonuses based on how many memberships you sale during an one week period.

If you sell 5-9 memberships during an one week period then you will receive a $2 bonus for each sale. Example: $82 x 9 = $738.00 earned.

If you sell 10-14 memberships  during an one week period then you will receive a $4 bonus for each sale. Example: $84 x 14 = $1176.00 earned.

If you sell 15-19 memberships  during an one week period then you will receive a $6 bonus for each sale. Example: $86 x 9 = $1634.00 earned.

If you sell 20-29 memberships  during an one week period then you will receive a $8 bonus for each sale. Example: $88 x 29 = $2552.00 earned.

If you sell 30+ memberships  during an one week period then you will receive a $10 bonus for each sale. Example: $90 x 50 = $4500.00 earned.

Note: Earnings are not reoccurring. Associates are paid on commission. Meaning, you will not get paid for the same sales every single week. In order to earn a paycheck, you will need to make new sales each week.

You will get paid $6 for your generation 1 team member's sales and $1.32 for every generation under that sales.

 How Does Chargebacks Work?

A chargeback occurs when an individual cancels their membership before the 17 month period ends. Associates are paid advanced commissions for memberships on a 17 month bases. So when someone cancels their membership then the amount of the chargeback will be deducted from your next paycheck. It will not be taken out of your bank account.

To avoid chargebacks, sell atleast 5 memberships during the same week of the cancellation. If you do meet the chargeback bonus requirement, the chargeback bonus will be credited to your account to cover your loss of wages. Chargeback deductions will never be more than half of your paycheck.